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now we need to turn it over to the authorities. >> hp ceo meg whitman in the hot seat after the purchase of a british company. we will have all of the details. good morning. thanks for being with us. i am marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. hp hitting investors with shock treatment claiming it was a victim of financial fraud. it says it was fooled into buying a british company last year which was a mistake for $11 billion. according to scott mcgrew, it was the not just a mistake, but a disaster. you have had a couple of hours to digest it. how ugly is it? >> it will be talked about in business schools for years. it will be hard to imagine that if these allegations are true,
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there will not be some sort of criminal charges. during a routine financial flying, hp said the company it bought last fall deliberately hid how much profit and someone cooked the books. it is an incredibly serious allegation. hp has launched an investigation of what it calls forensic accounting and notified the u.s. government. >> we believe there is a willful effort on the part of autonomy management to mislead shareholders and mislead potential buyers, including hp. we stand by the review that we have seen. as you know, we have turned it over to the sec. the enforcement division of the sec and the fraud office in the u.k. >> the purchase occurred under a previous ceo, but whitman was on
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the board at the time and did vote in favor of the purchase. she puts the blame squarely on the former ceo, former autonomy officers and the person who signed off on the books. >> thanks, scott. irony here is hp was already in trouble before it discovered the alleged fraud. computer and printer sales have been sinking thanks to the ipad and iphone. meg whitman made her attempts as ceo to turn hp around and it would take far longer than she first thought. nor is the first time the board has been mired in controversy. almost ten years ago, the then chairwoman, was conspireing with lawyers to spy on employees to look for leaks in the company.
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hp crafted a plan to break into newspaper offices, but it was never carried out. hp shares are down 14%. that is a 14-year low. >> stay with nbc bay area and all day long. we will have continuing coverage on this developing story, including reports from business and tech reporter scott budman. he will report on our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. a big deal there. no doubt about it. this one is a busy travel day as people are getting to get their thanksgiving destinations all together and plans to get there. rain has thrown a big-time wrench into plans causing flight delays this morning. there are more on the way. for that and more, let's go to christina loren who is checking the skies for us. >> good morning. we don't have a lot of activity on the radar. still dealing with three-hour flight delays out of sfo. the main event is 50 miles north
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of santa rosa. i want to start with live pictures to show you the contrast across the greater bay area. this is a live look at san francisco. you can see mostly cloudy conditions over the transamerica pyramid. we will not get our showers until this evening. as you can see from the satellite/radar, the main event, the front is north of santa rosa. as i said before, 50 miles away from steady rainfall moving into the north bay. we will continue to get the showers into tonight. we stop the clock at 4:00. it starts to get dark at that hour this time of year. we continue that rain and continue at 9:00. the front is bringing steady rain. by 4:00 a.m., we have slick conditions. the whole system blowing out of here by 11:00 tomorrow leaving
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us with good travel conditions. we have another system on its heels. taking a close look at your thanksgiving forecast. a lot of people have family coming into town. you want to get stuck inside with them or want opportunities to get outdoors. stay tuned for that forecast. it's an important one. back to you for now. thanks. happening now. the port of oakland is now wrapping up a labor struggle as union workers walked off the job today. it is part of a 24-hour strike that started at oakland international airport overnight. we have christie smith live with the latest on the timing of the strike. >> reporter: good morning, marla. we have not seen the the cranes here at the port of oakland moving all morning. i have not seen trucks either. some are carrying holiday food and wine. the union workers think they achieved their goal. they saw activity at another gate. an arbitrator told some to get
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back to work, but so far, we have not seen that happen. before dawn, workers hit the picket lines and blocked the gates. >> we are out here to make a statement to the port. this is the the first shot across the bow. take us seriously. we need a contract. >> reporter: a port spokesperson says it is hard to measure the impact of the $8 million a day operation is disrupted during the busy holiday shipping season. drivers have nothing to haul. >> how do you feel about sitting and waiting? >> not feeling good. i have to produce to put food on the table. we are sitting here for nothing. >> reporter: inside, workers appear to be honoring the strike. about 220 members of seiu including janitors and clerical workers have been negotiating for a year. they say the port has not been
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up front. >> the port is addressing financial sustainability across the company. we have $850 million in unfunded liabilities and capital budget needs. >> reporter: picketing at the airport last night continues today as travelers gear up for the thanksgiving rush. operations there have not been affected. at the port, it is a slow day. >> i will stay here for a couple of more hours and then go home. that's all i can do. >> reporter: and some of the truck drivers i spoke with this morning tell me they are losing about $300 to $500 a day just sitting around. they will be glad when it is over. the strike will end at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. we move to another strike. this morning, nurses from ten local hospitals are on strike. that includes san jose nurses. 1,500 nurses in the good
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samaritan and regional medical center taking part in a one-day strike. they have been negotiating since may. in the east bay, a strike planned for two hospitals. the nurses there fighting for similar issues. all of the hospitals have hired replacements. a campbell father is speaking out over his son's death. rory pettiford was notified his son was killed at the 7/11 carjacking. he has been linked to suspects who have killed him and fired on officers chasing them. pettiford says this is violence beyond imagination. >> that nothing like this was
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even possible. >> police have arrested one of the suspects. his accomplice escaped and is on the run. investigators brought forward a $20,000 reward. the city council will meet ton to talk about the chevron fire damage. chevron wants to replace the pipe with the alloy called nine chromium. stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion. that could bring delays to repair the refinery. no private parts in public places. we have bob redell in san francisco with more on how this is going over ain a city that i known for hanging it out.
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>> reporter: if the board of supervisors pass this, you will bare all, but only during the gay pride and street fair. you will see scenes like this, mostly men lounging about completely in the nude as they go about their day-to-day routine. supervisor scott weiner is proposing this because it is happening in the castro. weiner recognizes public nudity is not new to san francisco, but it is so prevalent, people are so fed up and tired of having that visual forced upon them. >> i'm getting letters from customers who regret they can no longer shop here and they cannot bring their children down here. >> why would anybody want to walk around buck naked in public? >> freedom. acceptance. freedom. to be free. >> reporter: a group of nudists
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have filed a federal lawsuit to prevent this ordinance. if it is passed, they say it is an infringement on the freedom of expression. if it does pass, the third time could be a misdemeanor charge with a $500 fine and possible jail time. reporting in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. thank you. still ahead, hillary clinton traveling to the middle east to try to bring peace to gaza and israel. we can tell you a major development may take place before she gets there. and the actor who plays "sesame street's" elmo is leaving the show after a second round of allegations. we will tell you about the latest accusation.
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new this morning, a cease-fire announcement between israel and hamas expected at any
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moment right now. late this morning, hamas officials announcing they reached a truce agreement. nbc's marin martin fletcher has more. >> reporter: with the countdown on the way, the question is what would count first? a ground invasion or a truce? it appears if peace won out for the time being. all indications are it will be within a few hours. the announcement of a truce and end of fighting with israel and hamas and gaza. it could be announced in jerusalem and gaza. there is a slew of arab leaders that will be at the announcement when it takes place. at the same time, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is going to be there. benjamin netanyahu will be there
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for the announcement. israel will stop rocketing on gaza. the details of the agreement are yet to be negotiated. all will be released later on. it is not clear. in the race between war and ground invasion or peace truce, peace has won out. for men are in fbi custody today. the fbi says the group allegedly plotted a violence jihad to kill americans here and abroad. they were allegedly planning to join al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. the four suspects were arrested last friday. kevin clash, the long-time voice of elmo is leaving the show after 28 years. clash caught up in a strange story surrounded in controversy
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after allegations of sex with a minor. the initial accuser sheldon stevens retracted the original claim and retracting the retraction. now a second person is claiming the same. he says he met clash through a telephone chat room for gay men in 1993. the elmo actor denies both allegations, but acknowledges the situation has become too much of a distraction to go on. elmo is "sesame street's" most popular character. the show will soon start a search for a new puppeteer to play the role of elmo. the mad dashes to the store may have been a bit premature. twinkies and hohos. they may live on. hostess and the union started
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mediation after they tried to work through the conflict which could preserve more than 18,000 jobs. yesterday, at a u.s. bankruptcy court hearing, the 82-year-old company asked permission to start shutting down its business. instead, the judge urged hostess and the workers union to start mediation. the brands will more than likely be snapped up by eager, hungry buyers. >> that is music to twinkie and hoho fans all over the world. >> i can't believe how many people ran to the stores. >> christina, you said a twinkie was going for what? >> $60. >> for a pack of twinkies. >> and that's no zinger. [ rim shot ] this is not a black and white photo. the dark clouds are moving in. in addition to the clouds, we have gusty winds. the front is much closer to us at this point.
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draped over ukaih. we will see this push through the next hour. expect steady rainfall in santa rosa. we had spotty activity so far. the steady rain, the front moves in as we head through the next hour. only up in the north bay. not getting a lot of activity south of the golden gate bridge. not just yet. i'll time this system out. the closer you are are on the front, the stronger the winds. napa with winds up to 40 miles per hour. we will see the trend throughout the day. you see what happens. we get the instability as high pressure moves outs and low pressure in. today's highs are coming in right now with all of the cold air and cloud cover rushing into the bay area. we will stay 65 in livermore. dropping off at noon throughout the remainder of the day. 62 in san jose. 64 degrees in san mateo. what to expect? on and off spotty showers.
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gusty winds pick up for the next few hours. the heavy rainfall arrives between 5:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. showers subside leaving you with cool and cloudy conditions for your travels. if you can postpone travels until 9:00 a.m., you should be okay. with wet weather, we have delays out of sfo. three-hour delays. oakland airport could be a problem. 40 minutes and on time in san jose. give yourself extra time over bridges. getting caught by strong gusts. if you are headed to tahoe, make sure you have the chains ready to go. we are expecting an additional 10 inches of snow. fresh powder above 7,000 feet. the seven-day forecast looks like this. in the 60s. we get rid of the showers. as we head through wednesday afternoon. as we stuff our faces with turkey stuffing, i like yams, 65 degrees inland on thanksgiving
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day. >> i love sweet potato pie. >> and christina with the graphics. snow and turkey. a smorgasbord. a cornucopia. and coming up, the latest round that could help you ditch your ride in the south bay. and as you come down from the world series high, we have new that could put you back on cloud nine.
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over the holidays, a consumer group sending out a warning to parents. the research group releasing the trouble in toyland safety report which should come today.
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names the organization of toys that are harmful for kids. the santa clara vta will add miles to the corridor project. the line would connect los gatos to the downtown san jose campbell line. the vta will hold a public meeting on december 4th at the campbell public library. marla, you saw this. great game. 49ers fans talking quarterback controversy. alex smith is out with a concussion and back up colin kaepernick came in and showed the goods. he looked great. kaepernick leading the 49ers to a 32-7 win over the bears. bears boasting one of the best defenses in the league. kaepernick and teammates just sliced and diced their way through them. coach jim harbaugh was asked who
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would start the next game. harbaugh says he likes to go with a hot hand. right now, he has two quarterbacks with four hot hands. that is not a bad problem to have. we'll see. >> he looked good. >> he looked real good. when we come back, from the sweep to the parade, it is your chance to relive the giants world series victory. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today? then switch to at&t u-verse tv. add the wireless receiver exclusively from at&t, and you're no longer tied to the tv outlet.
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typically the red carpet you roll out, but the orange carpet rolled out in san francisco for the world premier of the world series film. >> at the wall. another home run for pablo sandoval. >> this is me? the story of the giants world series. i was caught up in it. all highlights and behind the scene access. they got it all.
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this is narrated by benjamin bratt. he is a celebrity in hollywood and san francisco native. it calls for a party at castro theater. >> we have a spoiler alert. there are several who claim the speech. we have a word that buster posey does his own. >> showing extra talent. >> what am i going to wear? orange and black. thanks for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00.
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trying in jeans is my favorite thing. maybe later i can get a pap smear from an old male doctor.

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